07 November 2011

The Color Issue: Color Issue ThanksGIVEAWAY--HOBO Wallet

The Color Issue: Color Issue ThanksGIVEAWAY--HOBO Wallet: November is a month of thanksGIVING. Each and every Sunday of this month The Color Issue will be doing a Color Issue Thanks GIVEAWAY ! Check it out!

05 February 2011

Military Inspired

Jcrew's "Silk Blythe Blouse" - $98.00

Gap's "The Soft Shirt" - Now On Sale
(originally $59.50)

Pavement - $39.99

Hazel- $49.99

Old Navy's "Lightweight Roll-up Shirt" - $29.50

When I saw this "must have" Jcrew Silk Blythe Blouse, that can so easily be dressed up with some red lipstick and heels or dressed down with the perfect pair of flats, I immediately "had" to have it! Only problem is the $98 price tag that came along with it. Trust me, if I could, I WOULD! These GAP and Old Navy finds will get the job done for me!

02 February 2011

Let's pay $15 for a $70 cardi, shall we?

This darling Dulphine bling-button cardigan is found at our beloved Jcrew, originally $69.50, now on sale for $24.99.
So how did I buy this beauty in Black Pine Diamond and Heather Graphite Velvet* for $14.99 a piece?
Jcrew.com likes to entice buyers (I have NEVER been an online shopper) with their "Additional 40% Off Sale Items" events, which actually occur quite often. I receive Jcrew emails which inform me of this delightful occasion, thus my $140 purchase totaled a mere $29.98+tax+shipping**

DressFabuLess Warning: Inevitably, when you sign up for a retail store's emails, you are informed/reminded daily of their deliciousness.
Don't say you weren't warned!

*color featured in photo
**If you spend $100 or more at jcrew.com, shipping is free.

07 November 2010

We have a winner!

You lovelies have too sharp of an eye for my silly games...

Yes, the first shoe is the delicious Camden Leather Brogues from Jcrew for $250.
The second pair I found/bought/love is from *Forever21 for a whopping $24.80

*Forever has recently changed the look of this shoe to a more "vintage style" oxford flat... which is somewhat unfortunate in my book.

(the only time you'll ever hear me remark about something vintage being "unfortunate")

31 October 2010

oxford love.

Is the difference worth paying $225 MORE than you need to?

Which shoe is $250? Which shoe is $25?
Take a guess...