31 October 2010

oxford love.

Is the difference worth paying $225 MORE than you need to?

Which shoe is $250? Which shoe is $25?
Take a guess...


  1. You are so cute! I'm excited for this. I would guess that the second shoe is $25 and the first is $250.

    Please post photos of you in your clothing and tell us where you got each piece so that we can copy all your great finds. Better yet, let's just go shopping together!

  2. I love that you are doing this blog cause we all know...
    I. Need. Help.

    And that is what you are there for Liz!

  3. I love you!
    Top one $250, bottom $25?
    Pretty much the same though! Im curious where are they both from now!:)

  4. OH how I love you!! You are so cute and what a super FUN idea!! Keep it up, I'm so interested! Love you