05 February 2011

Military Inspired

Jcrew's "Silk Blythe Blouse" - $98.00

Gap's "The Soft Shirt" - Now On Sale
(originally $59.50)

Pavement - $39.99

Hazel- $49.99

Old Navy's "Lightweight Roll-up Shirt" - $29.50

When I saw this "must have" Jcrew Silk Blythe Blouse, that can so easily be dressed up with some red lipstick and heels or dressed down with the perfect pair of flats, I immediately "had" to have it! Only problem is the $98 price tag that came along with it. Trust me, if I could, I WOULD! These GAP and Old Navy finds will get the job done for me!

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  1. LOVE IT! LOVE THE BLOG! So glad to see your taking your fashion sense and sharing it with all of us. I have another blog too where I share my recent projects and interests:


    Can't wait to follow and keep up with your take on fashion and how to dress in trend for a better price. Love it.